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Why choose Cardinal Academy?

By Emily Bergstrom, Executive Director I have been asked recently how Cardinal Academy is different from other alternative programs. While they may be alike in some ways, Cardinal Academy is a specially designed school, created specifically with the needs of young parents in mind. Some of the the things Cardinal Academy offers: A safe, calm,Continue reading “Why choose Cardinal Academy?”

We have great news!

Cardinal Academy was approved on 12/10/20. This high school serving pregnant and parenting teens will open its doors for fall semester 2021 at the beautiful Salvation Army Campus in West Boise. Read more here: Idaho Public Charter School Commission Approves Cardinal Academy

Cardinal Academy envisions a world where pregnant and parenting students up to the age of 21 are empowered to complete their high school education in a caring learning community, where they are prepared for parenthood, college, community, and life.

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