Educating Idaho’s pregnant and parenting teens.


Becoming a parent at a young age comes with many challenges. Finishing high school doesn’t have to be one of them. Our safe, judgment-free program can provide needed support and services in one place so you can stay in school . When you earn a high school diploma and learn valuable job skills, you will earn $10,000 more per year than if you do not have a high school education.

Moms, dads, and children learning and growing on a single campus


Cardinal Academy is a free, public school which offers a flexible, personalized academic program and special education services for expectant and parenting students in grades 9-12. Students don’t have to choose between working to support their new family and earning their high school diploma.


We see your potential — we won’t let you give up on it. High school graduation is just the beginning. Cardinal’s team will help you explore career and college options, and give you hands-on career experience, so you can make a plan for your future you’re excited about.


Cardinal Academy, with The Salvation Army, supports you during this new chapter of your life by providing on-campus childcare, free one-on-one counseling, an incentive store with essentials for being a new parent, parenting classes, life-skills classes, and more.


Cardinal Academy’s strongest and most important partnership is with The Salvation Army, Boise Corps. The Salvation Army and the Booth Program for Young Parents has been providing services to young parents in the Boise area for more than 100 years.

Located on the Salvation Army’s Booth Campus