Picture of the Cardinal Academy Logo. A compass rose inside a C and a red cardinal. The Cardinal Academy is a public school for pregnant and parenting teenagers in Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas including Ada and Canyon counties.

A free public high school serving Idaho’s pregnant and parenting teenagers.

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We support pregnant & parenting teenagers and young adults, both moms and dads all in one high school location!

Are you a pregnant or parenting young mom or dad between the ages of 14 and 21 years old? Do you need support services and basic living needs for you and your baby? 

We can help you, so you can learn! 

With our partner, The Salvation Army, our high school provides teenagers and young adults with a store stocked with basic baby needs like free diapers, baby wipes, baby formula, baby clothes, maternity clothes, and regular clothes for both women and men. Our school campus services also include a child care center so your baby is at school with you, a stocked food bank, pregnancy and parenting classes, and a social worker who can help pregnant and parenting students with community resources. Our unique, safe, judgment-free high school and pregnancy and parenting program can provide needed support and services in one place so you can stay in school . When you stay in school and earn a high school diploma and learn valuable job skills you will earn $10,000 more per year than if you do not have a high school education. Graduating from high school gives you more options for higher paying careers and the ability to go to college if you want to.

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Picture of the Salvation Army's logo. A red shield. The Salvation Army provides on-campus childcare, free diapers, clothes, food, and more, and access to social workers for our students.
Located on the Salvation Army’s Booth Campus

A picture of the BLUUM Logo. BLUUM supports Cardinal Academy through administrative and monetary contributions.

Why choose Cardinal Academy?

By Emily Bergstrom, Executive Director I have been asked recently how Cardinal Academy is different from other alternative programs. While they may be alike in some ways, Cardinal Academy is a specially designed school, created specifically with the needs of young parents in mind. Some of the the things Cardinal Academy offers: A safe, calm,Continue reading “Why choose Cardinal Academy?”

We have great news!

Cardinal Academy was approved on 12/10/20. This high school serving pregnant and parenting teens will open its doors for fall semester 2021 at the beautiful Salvation Army Campus in West Boise. Read more here: Idaho Public Charter School Commission Approves Cardinal Academy