Cardinal Academy will provide an academic program in a supportive environment where students are prepared for parenthood, college, career and life.

Cardinal Academy Public Charter High School is a high school and specialty program of opportunity focusing on pregnant and parenting teens and young adults, females and males, ages 14 to 21, grades 9 through 12. The school is founded by veteran academic and career counselor, Emily Bergstrom, and veteran educator, Deborah Hedden-Nicely, who have almost 30 years combined experience with pregnant and parenting teens and young adults in Boise. The founders will take a comprehensive approach of educating the whole person by providing students with a strong and relevant educational experience and partnering with The Salvation Army, Boise Corps and other community partners, to provide on-campus wrap-around services necessary to support pregnant and parenting students staying in school. This will enable students to continue to pursue the completion of a high school education through graduation and beyond. 

We will meet students where they presently are in their educational process!

Students will work with an academic/career counselor, to develop and “own” their educational future by mapping personal educational goals and plans. Students’ academic growth will be monitored and evaluated for progress.

Cardinal Academy will operate a year-round model with students attending five days a week. Our primary focus is to ensure that the students have the opportunity to fully reach their academic capacity in an environment that supports them through their pregnancy and early parenting with knowledge and life and job skills. 

Cardinal Academy will provide a caring learning community in order to instill in our students a love for life-long learning, empowering them to progress to other pursuits such as college or career, thus becoming contributing members of their community. Students will acquire knowledge and essential skills for a healthy pregnancy and parenting with completion of a high school education and a plan for post-secondary education/career that affords their family a successful life.

Our primary collaborating partner is The Salvation Army, Boise Corps led by Major Kimberly Stambaugh. The Salvation Army, Boise Corps has been providing support and services to pregnant and parenting teens and young women in Idaho for 100 years. They have the heart and experience with our students to be an excellent collaborating partner with Cardinal Academy.

The Salvation Army will collaborate with Cardinal Academy by providing:

  • Student meals
  • Social work services, 
  • A food pantry,  
  • A student store stocked with diapers, wipes, baby food, baby clothes, maternity clothes, and much more! and,
  • An on-campus childcare.

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