Board of Directors

Strong governance is the foundation for a strong organization and a strong school. For this reason, Cardinal Academy has established an exceptional Board of Directors who collectively possess a depth and breadth of skills and experiences that will enable the school to be successful.      


Board Chair

Patricia Kempthorne has dedicated her work life and her life’s work to building a family-consciousness in her family, workplace, and community. In 2014 she was awarded an honorary doctorate in Administrative Policy from the University of Idaho. A champion for families and children, she was able to shine a spotlight on the issues closest to her while serving as Idaho’s first lady from 1999 to 2006. Mrs. Kempthorne volunteered her time to ensure that Idaho continues to be the best place to raise a family.  In 2005, she created the Twiga Foundation, Inc. – a non-profit dedicated to continuing that work in organizations through educating them about work-life fit, flexibility, and effectiveness for working parents.


Board Vice-Chair

Emily McClure is a Boise lawyer, lobbyist and mom to three children. Her practice, McClure Policy LLC, focuses primarily on government affairs in the fields of education, health care and natural resources both in Idaho and across the West. An advocate for children, she has contributed on behalf of a variety of clients to numerous statutes and regulations aimed at benefiting Idaho’s kids, and has worked closely with her clients to improve the legislative climate for charter schools, innovative educators and students.


Board Treasurer

Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Boise State University

Dr. Olschanowsky became involved in the education of at-risk youth through her involvement in diversity and inclusion efforts for computer science. She designed and implemented a service learning course to expose, recruit, and engage students from historically excluded backgrounds to computer science. During this course university students develop lesson plans and engage high school students in problem solving using computer science. This class has been successfully implemented as a collaboration with the Booth Marian Pritchett School.


Board Secretary

Director of Government Affairs, Idaho AFL-CIO

Jason Hudson is the Government Affairs Director of the Idaho AFL-CIO, serving as the full-time lobbyist to the Idaho Legislature, as well as the lobbyist to Idaho’s federal delegation to the US Congress. He works with the Idaho Governor’s office and state administrative agencies on policy matters related to worker rights, worker safety, and building good jobs in Idaho. He educates members and affiliates about participation in government and the political process, and develops and implements electoral programs to support pro-worker candidates for public office.


Board Member

Hannah Gayle founded Boise State’s Young Parent Mentor Program, a peer and faculty mentor program for teen mothers that are pursuing their undergraduate degree. She is a Boise State graduate with her degree in Economics and a certification in Nonprofit Management. She is also a graduate of Booth Marian Pritchett School. She currently works for a charter school that equips engineers (students) with the knowledge, skills, and character to succeed in college and the future world. Hannah Gayle is an Intervention Specialist that is skilled in mental health, special education and de-escalation techniques.


Board Member


Board Member