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Executive Director: Emily Bergstrom

Executive Director
Emily Bergstrom

Emily Bergstrom is a master’s level counselor, certified in both mental health and school counseling, and has more than a decade of experience in the schools. She has extensive experience with at-risk youth, particularly pregnant and parenting teens and juvenile offenders.

I am passionate about building a creative, therapeutic and accessible educational experience for our most vulnerable young adults and their children. I believe in a school counseling program that collaborates with social workers to provide students with their most basic needs first, followed by high-quality, intensive therapy for all students who seek it, both individually or in groups.

Emily Bergstrom

Director of Academics: Deborah Hedden-Nicely

Director of Academics
Deborah Hedden-Nicely

Deborah has had a 20 year accomplished career as a master’s level educator and site administrator at the secondary and post-secondary level.  She has comprehensive experience in teaching students of all ability levels, ages 13 to adult, creating innovative programs for at-risk students, especially pregnant and parenting students, and has an exemplary record with student success. 

I am confident that Cardinal Academy is the critical intersection of a rigorous and relevant academic program and a caring, supportive community that pregnant and parenting students need in order to achieve excellence in academics and be successful in parenthood, and in life.

Deborah Hedden-nicely