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In our years of experience we found that an educational program and curriculum which engages students’ interest and is relevant to their lives in the present moment offers the best chance for academic success. In evaluating and choosing curricula for Cardinal Academy, we made sure it was research-based and relevant for our students. The curricula were chosen because they offer researched-based concepts, principles, and instructional methods, as well as relevance in order to fully engage our students.

Academic learning at Cardinal Academy will be aligned to the Idaho State Standards and will be relevant, learner-centered, individualized learning. Cardinal Academy class size will average 12-15 students and courses will correspond with student-developed individual learning plans (ILP) and with their college or career goals. Under the guidance of the academic/career counselor, students will understand why they are taking particular courses, and how the courses connect to their ILP goals. Students having their goals in a learning plan that they have developed, will promote confidence that achievement at school will lead to college and/or a career of choice, earning a salary that enables financial support for themselves and their family, resulting in a life of success and contribution.