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Only about half of young mothers earn a high school diploma by the age of 22, compared to 89% of non-mothers. As we look at recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, single mothers are being impacted more than any other group

Since high school graduates will learn at least $200,000 more in their lifetime (and even more with further education beyond high school), let’s look at some of the reasons.

  1. Discrimination. Even though teen parents are supposed to be legally protected under Title IX, many report facing discrimination by peers and even adults. This makes school feel unsafe.
  1. Lack of support. Some teen parents don’t have anyone in their life pushing them to stay in or get back in school. Without this social support, staying in school or returning to school becomes even more difficult.
  1. Lack of money. Teen parents feel a lot of pressure to work to support their families. Even though a high school education would help, they have to make hard decisions about whether to work full time or be in school. 
  1. Lack of childcare. Finding someone trustworthy and affordable (or free!) to watch your child is a struggle for all working moms, including those who want to further their education.
  1. Mental health struggles. Young moms may experience higher rates of depression and suicidal ideation. Almost half of teen parents in one study had symptoms of PTSD. Further, these teens have barriers to accessing mental health services. If you or someone you know is struggling, you can access the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline anytime. 

But there is good news!  Cardinal Academy addresses all of these issues and more!

Cardinal Academy is a safe, non-judgmental setting full of other young parents who share the joys and struggles of parenthood.

We provide:

Support: Cardinal Academy teachers and staff will feel like family as they support you and build you up as you figure out this new path you are on as a young parent.

The things you need: The incentive store and on-site food bank, plus daily breakfast and lunch help you to provide for yourself and your child while being able to focus more of your attention on school. Plus, the full time case manager can connect you to other services for which you are eligible.

Childcare is right on site. They are trustworthy and The Salvation Army will work with you to ensure child care is affordable based on your situation.

Mental and physical health services. With our on-site mental health and medical clinics, you will have access to all the help you need to ensure you are mentally and physically healthy and ready to move forward being the best parent you can be.

When provided with strong social and functional supports, teen mothers and their children can have position outcomes equal to those peers to bear children later (Hodgkinson et al, 2014).

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