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By Emily Bergstrom, Executive Director of Cardinal Academy

Through the years as a school counselor, I registered many pregnant students for high school. They all had unique stories but had one very important thing in common:

Life was going on a different path than they had expected.

When you’re growing up, you start to imagine what life will be like in high school and after. You picture all of those big events like learning to drive, going to prom, graduation and whatever is beyond. It can be fun and exciting but also can be a lot of pressure and stress. 

Then, suddenly, you find out you are having a baby. Everything changes so quickly. Your world gets turned upside down.

We thought about this big life change our students went through when naming the school Cardinal Academy. We thought about the cardinal directions on a compass: north, south, east and west because when you use a compass, for example on a hike in the wilderness, you are less likely to get lost. We were also thinking about what the word cardinal actually means. It comes from a Latin word  meaning “to pivot,” or “to turn.” And the Cardinal bird has come to mean hope, health, and joy.

When life changes course, sometimes we all need a little help finding our path again. Cardinal Academy is a specially designed school that does just that. We are here to give you hope and to help you “pivot” and find your direction. Maybe you’ll get back on the same path you were on pre-baby? Or maybe you need to figure out a new path all together? Either way, we are here for you and will support you every step of the way.

Being a teenager isn’t easy and being a young parent can make being a teenager even harder. We know this. And we are here to help. 

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“When life changes course, sometimes we all need a little help finding our path again.”

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